Full Video DOJ Press Conference on APD Findings

Video: Full DOJ News Conference

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ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The announcement was made Thursday by the U.S. Department of Justice of the findings of the federal investigation into …

DOJ press conference

Live Blog: DOJ Findings on APD

DOJ Report on APD

Follow the coverage all day long as the Dept of Justice releases its findings on the Albuquerque Police Department #DOJAPD Live Blog: DOJ Fi…

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New APD deputy chief a familiar face

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Last Wednesday, Mayor R.J. Berry unveiled a list of reforms designed to get APD moving in the right direction before th…

Department of Justice

DOJ to release findings on APD Thursday

DOJ Investigation

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Everyone’s been waiting for it, now we know when it’s coming. The Department of Justice will unveil their findings into…

Department of Justice

DOJ responds to Mayor’s requests

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Mayor R.J. Berry asked the Department of Justice on Wednesday to unveil its findings so the city can start its overhaul…