Bob Martin

KRQE News 13 Pilot Reporter

Bob Martin, KRQE News 13 Pilot Reporter Sky News 13 helicopter pilot Bob Martin is also a reporter and videographer for KRQE with more than 20 years on the job. He graduated from Socorro High in Socorro, NM. He then studied Mass Communications and Journalism at Eastern New Mexico University where he earned his degree. A winner of two Rocky Mountain Emmys and several Albuquerque Press Club awards for reporting and documentary work, Bob often shoots, writes, and edits his stories.

While piloting Sky News 13, Bob regularly covers wildfires.”When wildfires are threatening folks and their homes, people need to know exactly what is happening as quickly as possible,” says Bob. “Sky News 13 allows us to immediately share where the fire is moving, how bad it is, and what firefighters are doing to help save people and homes,” he adds. When firefighters or law enforcement officers don’t have immediate access to a helicopter, they sometimes ask for help. “In these cases, we immediately assist in any way we can,” says Bob. Often that means carrying a firefighter or officer aloft to help advise ground forces.

Bob has also spent almost a year in combat zones overseas, reporting on New Mexico military troops and civilians deployed to places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Panama, El Salvador and Nicaragua. “Telling the stories of our military men and women who are in harm’s way has always been my most rewarding duty,” says Martin. Stories about New Mexico scientists doing important research have sent him along with astronomers to mountaintop observatories, to a volcano in Antarctica, and traveling down the Nile with agricultural experts.

In addition to being a commercial helicopter and airplane pilot, he earned an expert sport skydiver’s license and enjoys scuba diving. Bob likes to be prepared for the unexpected.

One day, the news director told the news staff they needed someone to go to Ecuador on a plane departing in an hour. “Who has their passport with them?” the boss queried.  Only Bob raised his hand. He was in Quito that night.