18 wheeler

Carlsbad teens steal 18-wheeler truck

A couple New Mexico teens are in trouble, accused of stealing a truck to go on a joyride, but it wasn’t just any truck, it’s an 18 wheeler.


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Fourth of July weekend is full of fireworks and fun. Here are some Fourth of July deals, firework show information and other features.

U.S. Vice President George Bush greets Beirut ex-hostage Richard Young Moon after 39 American hostages landed at Frankfurt's Rhein-Main Air Base in Frankfurt, Germany, July 1, 1985, after a flight from Damascus, Syria. From left: Bush, James W. McLoughlin, Simon Grossmayer, Moon, and Grant Elliott. At rear is the crew of the rescue plane.  (AP Photo/Dieter Endlicher)

Today in History: June 30

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Today is Thursday, June 30, the 182nd day of 2016. There are 184 days left in the year.