thursday afternoon

Chris’ Thursday Afternoon Forecast

Another storm is going to start rolling into parts of New Mexico for the end of the week.   It will start cranking up the wind today and we …


Allowance: A big topic for parents

Allowance, a topic most parents will likely have to face, might bring a debate on what age to start, how much to give, and what chores to pa…


Asthma on the rise in New Mexico

In New Mexico more than 150,000 adults and 47,000 children suffer with asthma and the prevalence has been steadily increasing.

doc doc

Theater Thursday: ‘Doc..Doc..Goose!’

New Mexico Young Actors are now bringing to the stage ‘Doc..Doc..Goose!’ In this fast-paced, slapstick comedy, the famous Mother Goose nurse…


New Mexican history at your fingertips

Learn about New Mexico history with hands on experience. Casa San Ysidro and the Corrales Historical Society are hosting a fun day for the w…