September’s Tips of the Day

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[Tech] – Don’t be Intimidated – September 27, 2016:
Some people get nervous when being around new technology. Don’t be. Take a minute, read the manual and don’t hesitate to ask questions or do a search online so you’ll be able to get the most out of today’s technology.

[Kids] – Create Excitement – September 26, 2016:
When big local events like the Balloon Fiesta arrive, it’s important to get the kids excited by talking about them ahead of time. Have them count down the days on a calendar or create a countdown timer that the kids can mark off each day.

[Charity] Try Dye – September 23, 2016:
If you aren’t daring enough to shave and design your head in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, consider dying your hair with pink coloring, or something else which represents paying respect or remembrance to those loved-ones you may have lost to cancer.

[MISC] Support Our Troops – September 22, 2016:
There are many ways we can show support for the men and women who fight for our rights. You can donate your time at the local VA Hospital, or help create care packages for active duty military members who are deployed overseas.

[Pets] Donate Your Time – September 21, 2016:
If you would love to have the companionship of a pet but you just don’t have the time – donate your time to a shelter. You can help with walks, feedings, or even just give some much-needed playtime to a pooch in need. Now go play with a pup and have a wonderful time.

[Wellness] Try New Events – September 20, 2016:
Get out there and try different events that you may have never thought of previously. Getting out and meeting people after work is the best way to network for your business. Now go look online for your next business and enjoy your next outing!

[Kids] Explain the Day – September 19, 2016:
For young kids, time is relative. It is easier to give kids a schedule based on what they see, do and experience. For example: ‘when the street lights go on, it’s time to settle in for the night’.

[Fashion] Wait – September 16, 2016:
The looks that hit the runways lack the sort of practicality needed for the everyday street or work wear. If you give it a few months, a more ‘wearable’ ready option will hit the store shelves so you can look like you just came off the fashion runway but still have that functionality you need to get through the day.

[Home] Throw a ‘Chile Party’ – September 14, 2016:
For years, there has been a strong debate over where the best chile is grown in New Mexico. So, to settle the dispute once and for all, host your own mini-chile-challenge. Throw a party and ask your friends to bring their best regional chile dish and then cast their votes.

[Kids] Help Your Teen Explore – September 13, 2016:
There are many more options these days for teens who are growing up and moving into college and later into the workforce. Explore options with them, and help everyone involved with the decision-making process keep an open mind when discussing plans for the future.

[Kids] Try Different Things- September 12, 2016:
If you’re having trouble getting your child to sit at the table to get their homework done, try different things. Try making homework time fun with a game, or even making flash cards together with your child.

[Beauty] Check Your Makeup – September 9, 2016:
With the changes in the weather comes changes in your skin, so – the makeup you use in the summer will need to also change. Check the labels for expiration and to make sure you’re using the right makeup and skincare products to accommodate all of these changes.

[Self] Stay Positive – September 8, 2016:
Sometimes it is challenging to stay motivated when times get tough. It is important to stay positive and create goals — that will give you a sense of accomplishment.

[Pets] Treat Your Best Friend – September 7, 2016:
Even man and woman’s best friend needs to feel appreciated for their unconditional love – so make a special ‘doggie date’. Take them on a walk, to a pet-friendly event or even a run through the bosque and river.

[Business] Network with Calendars – September 6, 2016:
Looking for something different to help drive your business and get you out there networking? Try checking out different online event calendars and meet-up groups to see which events work for your schedule and hobbies or interests.

[Travel] Live Like a Local – September 5, 2016:
When traveling to attend a horse race or other big event, stay the whole weekend, grab a hotel room, explore the city and see what it is like to be a local. Try the local food, sit back and people watch, or ask a local for recommendations.

[Beauty] Sniff Out New Scents – September 2, 2016:
When trying new products, you want to be sure the scents are what you or your loved ones like and can tolerate over the long-term. Most beauty products are difficult to return once the package has been opened, so check for a tester at the store, or request samples before making your purchase.

[Health] Review Insurance Details – September 1, 2016:
Reviewing your health insurance benefits can be daunting, but it is necessary to ensure you get the best coverage without being tangled up in a healthcare mess. Take the time to go through all of your paperwork and insurance carrier’s online documentation – and don’t be afraid to ask your human resources representative for additional resources or tips. Also check your insurance cards for any toll-free resource numbers you can call.

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