October’s Tips of the Day

The American Home ‘Tip of the Day‘ is brought to you by: New Mexico Living, segment sponsored by American Home

[Education] Take a Tour – October 11, 2016:
Are you looking for the perfect school to help you kick off a new career? Don’t know where to start? You can always give the school of your choice a call and schedule a tour. This will help you get a feel for the campus and learning environment.

[Kids] Talk to Your Kids- October 10, 2016:
Many parents shy away from talking to their kids about tough topics. Find a time and place that is right for your family to begin that open dialogue about the issues your kids may face.

[Travel] Car Pool to the Park – October 7, 2016:
With traffic backed up to get into the last weekend of Balloon Fiesta, you want to spent that valuable time on the field, and not stuck in traffic. Why not car pool with friends? This will help slim down the number of cars heading to the lot, not to mention, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

[Money] Have Cash on Hand – October 6, 2016:
When heading to the Fiesta park, you will probably want to walk the midway, sample some fantastic food and buy items that shout, ‘New Mexico’. Bring cash. Not all vendors take credit cards and you don’t want to have to go without that iconic green chile breakfast burrito – it’s a tradition!

[Safety] Get Out; Look Around – October 5, 2016:
While out watching the beautiful balloons, be sure to do it safely. If you want to grab some spectacular photos while you’re out and about, please don’t do it while you’re driving on the road. The Balloon Fiesta website offers great photography tips for all you shutterbugs out there.

[Fashion] Dress in Layers – October 4, 2016:
When heading out to the Balloon Fiesta Park it can be chilly early in the morning. By afternoon, the sun is out – so make sure to always dress in layers so you can be comfortable.

[Events] Tip of the Day: Get There Early – October 3, 2016:
When big local events like the Balloon Fiesta arrive, it’s important to get the kids excited by talking about them ahead of time. Have them count down the days on a calendar or create a countdown timer that the kids can mark off each day.