August’s Tips of the Day

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[Food] Map it Out – August 31, 2016:
If Frito Pie is your favorite southwestern dish and you want to figure out who has the best one – travel around and try them all out with your friends. Set up a map and make a tour out of it. Gather up your friends and have fun with it.

[Money] Invest Smart – August 30, 2016:
When investing for the first time, be sure to invest in something that you know about, or can educate yourself in easily – whether it’s a local company or a national organization you patronize regularly.

[Kids] Check For Safety – August 29, 2016:
When trying out a new product for your babies, you want to ensure you check online reviews of the product first. Make sure it is right for your child – also be sure that it has been tested and meets all of the appropriate safety standards for your child’s age. Check for any safety recalls for that new baby product too.

[Beauty] Start Out Temporary – August 26, 2016:
Even though pink and blue hues are all the rage right now, you may not be ready to let your child or teenager make that long-term commitment when it comes to dying their hair. Instead compromise with a temporary hair color which washes out in a few shampoos.

[Self] It’s Never Too Late – August 25, 2016:
If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, it’s never too late. Take a dance class, learn a new language or reach for your dreams. All this is possible no matter what age you are, so start shooting for the stars.

[Travel] Make it a Surprise – August 24, 2016:
If you’re looking to do something special for that special someone, all you have to do is surprise them with a staycation. Pack an overnight bag, pick them up at work (or at home) and hit the road for a night away.

[Shopping] Check the Price – August 23, 2016:
Before you purchase the newest high-tech gear for your kids as they head out to school, check the price and determine whether it’s a novelty item or a necessity, then make the call.

[Travel] Bring Snacks – August 22, 2016:
Between the long lines and high prices at the airport, getting food can be a hassle, especially with the little ones in tow. Always bring a few items to ensure they have something to eat which will keep the ‘hangry’ away. Now go get ready for your next trip.

[Health] Check Before You Buy – August 19, 2016:
When trying new products, it is important to see what is in the product before it goes onto your body. Read the label to ensure there are no allergens and if possible – do a skin test to ensure you won’t have a serious reaction to something you’ve never tried before. Now, go try something new.

[Fitness] It’s Never Too Late – August 18, 2016:
Just because you missed your starting date for your next workout doesn’t mean you have to give up. Getting there is half the battle. Make the goal to go one day at a time, and you will create the lifestyle change necessary to get into shape and meet your overall fitness goals. Now lace up those sneakers and get ready for that warm-up.

[Home] Buy Extra – August 17, 2016:
You may have unexpected guests drop in, so when picking out your dessert, make sure to get extra for those who are stopping by. Also keep freezer-friendly and microwaveable dishes on-hand so that you can have them ready to go in a flash.

[Work] Think Outside the Box – August 16, 2016:
If you have a new or creative idea, you always want to think outside the box. Maybe you don’t have the training in a specific field but you can just give it a shot. Try working for free for a day to see if you just have the skills. No go on and chase your dreams.

[Kids] Be Patient – August 15, 2016:
Sometimes your kids just don’t want to eat something on their plate. It is important for you to be patient and try other ways so they can enjoy their veggies, maybe sneak them into a smoothie or something. Now go get your family well fed.

[Fashion] Store it Properly – August 12, 2016:
When packing up last season’s clothes to make room for next season’s wardrobe, make sure to pack properly so they come out the way they went in. You can do this by storing your clothing in airtight and properly sealed bags or containers and in dust-free, pest free locations. Now clean out those closets. Fall is right around the corner!

[Fitness] Stick it Out – August 11, 2016:
When you start a fitness challenge and you set out a certain amount of time to obtain a goal, make sure you stick with it. There may be times when you feel as though you want to quit remind yourself that it will pass. Don’t give up.

[Wellness] Plan Ahead – August 10, 2016:
Sometimes on Friday or Saturday, lines can be out the door to your favorite restaurant. Whether it’s a first date or a night out with your significant other – you don’t want to make them wait. Plan ahead. Make the reservation, and go out and have a great night.

[Home] Pick the Right Agent – August 9, 2016:
When selling your home, choose a real estate agent for more than just record-breaking sales numbers; remember, you also want to have a connection. After all, they’re selling your family home.

[Kids] Test First – August 8, 2016:
Whenever there is a new app craze, you still need to check it out first to see if it is appropriate for your child. Check the reviews and even try playing it for yourself. This way, you know how much supervision or help they will need in order to play the game.

[Beauty] Try it Out – August 5, 2016:
When trying out new products for your skin or hair, be sure to test the product out first. Do a skin test to ensure you have no allergies to the product. If you break out, see a doctor or allergy specialist ASAP.

[Fitness] Bring a Friend – August 4, 2016:
If you’re trying a new group workout at the gym, take a friend so it’s easier to get comfortable. A partner in the gym can give you motivation and in a class full of strangers – you know you’re not alone.

[Kids] Keep Your Kids Involved- August 3, 2016:
It’s always great to take the family to fun community events. But, when heading to a show with breakable items, make sure your child is of the appropriate age to listen to the words, “do not touch”, or “stand behind the rope”. If they are not, involve them in other practical and non-verbal, positive ways to make it fun and engaging for everyone.

[Home] Turn Off The Lights – August 2, 2016:
We can all do our part by conserving energy and with our air conditioner running in the summer, it’s even more important to turn off lights when they’re not in use.

[Shopping] Get There Early – August 1, 2016:
When shopping for sales, you want to get there early and have a list ready. You don’t want to forget something and have to go back when it’s full price.

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