saturday forecast

Chris’ Saturday Evening Forecast

    High pressure is hanging out with us again this weekend.   So that means you’ll be enjoying sunshine and warmer than normal temperatures…

Friday Forecast

Chris’ Friday Afternoon Forecast

High pressure has returned and it is going to have a pretty good grip on our weather for the weekend.   Temperatures Friday afternoon are al…

thursday afternoon

Chris’ Thursday Afternoon Forecast

Our storm system has moved out and the sunshine is back as high pressure builds again.    This area of high pressure will hang out with us o…


Kristen’s Thursday Morning Forecast

Wednesday’s storm system continues to push south (circling over northern Mexico as of early Thursday morning) leaving behind mostly clear sk…


Rain, snow and gusty winds greet NM

A quick-hitting storm system & cold front will allow rain and snow showers to develop over the Northern Mountains early this morning.


Mark’s Tuesday Evening Weather Forecast

The past 24 hours have given us real hope that we have a storm system which could help bring snow to the northern mountains by tomorrow. The…

Forecast 1

Kristen’s Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

A cool start to our day with morning temperatures in the upper 20s, 30s & 40s – it would be a good idea to grab a light jacket before leavin…

wx 1

Mark’s Monday Evening Weather Report

The temperatures will continue to be well above average through Tuesday. Here in the metro area our forecast high is 70° and our record for …


Chris’ Sunday Night Forecast

High pressure remains in firm control of our weather so that means more sunshine and spring-like temperatures for Monday.     Typically we d…

saturday forecast

Chris’ Saturday Night Forecast

It was another record setting day in New Mexico with many areas breaking record highs.  Our ridge of high pressure will continue to dominate…

nm weather

Mark’s Friday Evening Weather Report

The big story this weekend weather wise will be the warm temperatures. Highs in the Albuquerque area should top out in the high 60s both Sat…

thursday afternoon

Chris’ Friday Afternoon Forecast

High pressure continues to be in control of our weather, which means more sunshine and warmer than normal afternoon temperatures.

Forecast 6

Kristen’s Friday Morning Forecast

FRIDAY: A chilly start in the 20s and 30s under a clear sky to start our Friday – but layer it up today: light jacket to start, T-shirt this…

nm weather

Mark’s Thursday Evening Weather Report

The powerful ridge of high-pressure which has locked moisture out of the southwest over the past few days will slowly flatten. That flatteni…

thursday afternoon

Chris’ Thursday Afternoon Forecast

The cold front that pushed through on Wednesday is still keeping temperatures down for parts of eastern New Mexico today.   But, central and…