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Mark Ronchetti, Kristen Currie, Chris Gilson and John Smith – tweeting weather and outdoor life in New Mexico

Forecast 1

Kristen’s Monday Afternoon Forecast

We are in for a gorgeous afternoon state-wide with high temperatures anywhere from 10-25+ degrees above normal. Winds will once again pick u…


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Mark Ronchetti, Kristen Currie, Chris Gilson and John Smith – sharing weather and outdoor life from New Mexico

sunday night

Chris’ Sunday Night Forecast

An area of high pressure continues to dominate our weather and that will keep the sunshine and warm temps locked in place for a few more day…

sunday night

Chris’ Saturday Evening Forecast

A ridge of high pressure continues to dominate our weather this weekend.   That means all the storm systems will continue to be deflected ar…

NM weather

Mark’s Friday Evening Weather Report

Mostly sunny skies will rule through the weekend with highs in the mid-50’s.  The only weather concern will be gusty winds along the mountai…


John’s Friday Afternoon Forecast

It’s going to be a very nice weekend across New Mexico with above average temperatures, lots of sunshine, and light winds. One minor excepti…

Forecast 1

Kristen’s Friday Morning Forecast

Another cold start across the state with morning temperatures down to the 20s and 30s. Patchy freezing fog can be found over the Northwest P…

NM weather

Mark’s Thursday Evening Weather Report

After some early morning fog skies cleared out nicely today with highs topping out in the high 40’s and low 50’s.  Much of the same weather …


Kristen’s Thursday Afternoon Forecast

For those ready for a break in the rain and snow, you’re going to like your seven-day forecast. THURSDAY: Rain and snow are nowhere to be se…

NM weather

Mark’s Wednesday Evening Weather Report

After a snowy start to the day in many areas of the state, quieter weather takes over through the weekend.  The main weather concern Thursda…


Mark’s Monday Evening Weather Report

A two punch storm system is taking aim on New Mexico.  Punch #1 is coming through as we speak. This trough is weakening as it slides across …