Kristen’s Tuesday Morning Forecast

TUESDAY: High pressure to our east and low pressure setting up further west will help pump more moisture into our state, resulting in more s…


Kristen’s Monday Afternoon Forecast

MONDAY: It’ll be a good idea to keep the umbrella within arm’s reach this afternoon as scattered to widespread storms are likely to re-devel…

Saturday Night

Chris’ Sunday Evening Forecast

This will be one of the most active week of thunderstorms for New Mexico in quite some time!   High pressure has finally moved off to the ea…


Chris’ Friday Afternoon Forecast

Scattered storms are already popping up this afternoon.  The storms will first be favored around the higher terrain, but it does look as tho…


Kristen’s Friday Morning Forecast

FRIDAY: Spot storms will continue to push south-southeast through east-central NM through sunrise. Expect these storms to hold frequent ligh…

Mark's Thursday Evening Forecast

Mark’s Thursday Evening Forecast

High pressure over the Four-Corners will continue to bake the western portion of the state with highs near 100° on Friday.


Chris’ Thursday Afternoon Forecast

Fewer storms will impact New Mexico this afternoon.   Drier air is starting to move in as the high shifts over the Four Corners.   This high…


Kristen’s Thursday Morning Forecast

THURSDAY: A mostly quiet start the day with morning temperatures in the 60s and 70s for the majority of us and only a few pockets of high cl…


John’s Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

Expect fewer storms this afternoon. The high terrain will be favored this afternoon, with a few storms possible in the valley. The high terr…


Kristen’s Wednesday Morning Forecast

WEDNESDAY: Showers over southern NM will continue to diminish and push south through sunrise. The rest of us are walking out to a partly cle…