Mark's Thursday Evening Forecast

Mark’s Thursday Evening Forecast

High pressure over the Four-Corners will continue to bake the western portion of the state with highs near 100° on Friday.


Chris’ Thursday Afternoon Forecast

Fewer storms will impact New Mexico this afternoon.   Drier air is starting to move in as the high shifts over the Four Corners.   This high…


Kristen’s Thursday Morning Forecast

THURSDAY: A mostly quiet start the day with morning temperatures in the 60s and 70s for the majority of us and only a few pockets of high cl…


John’s Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

Expect fewer storms this afternoon. The high terrain will be favored this afternoon, with a few storms possible in the valley. The high terr…


Kristen’s Wednesday Morning Forecast

WEDNESDAY: Showers over southern NM will continue to diminish and push south through sunrise. The rest of us are walking out to a partly cle…


John’s Tuesday Afternoon Forecast

Expect another decent round of showers and storms this afternoon. Today the western and central parts of the state will be favored with a ha…


Kristen’s Tuesday Morning Forecast

TUESDAY: Overnight showers will continue to diminish through sunrise… but don’t put away the umbrellas just yet. We have another round of sc…

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Mark’s Monday Evening Forecast

Moisture will remain in place across New Mexico on Tuesday leading to scattered thunderstorms by the afternoon.


John’s Monday Afternoon Forecast

The best shot for storms for New Mexico as a whole will be early this week. Expect more scattered storms favoring eastern and central New Me…


Kristen’s Monday Morning Forecast

MONDAY: A quiet start to the day with morning temperatures in the 50s, 60s and 70s under a partly clear sky. Afternoon temperatures will rem…


Chris’ Sunday Evening Forecast

Scattered Storms will continue across central and northern New Mexico this evening.  These storms will produce heavy downpours, wind and qui…


Chris’ Saturday Evening Forecast

Record heat across parts of New Mexico on Saturday and the heat will continue into Sunday.   A weak cool front is going to start to move in …

Mark's Friday Evening Weather Report

Mark’s Friday Evening Weather Report

High-pressure over the state will get the weekend off to a slow start storm wise. Spot storms over the mountains and west will eventually ex…