Forecast 4

Kristen’s Monday Afternoon Forecast

Sunday’s quick-hitting storm will continue to push farther south and east allowing any remaining rain and snow to taper this morning.


Chris’ Sunday Night Forecast

Despite high clouds that filtered our sunshine in Albuquerque, afternoon temperatures still came close to our record high of 70° by topping …

saturday forecast

Chris’ Saturday Evening Forecast

    High pressure is hanging out with us again this weekend.   So that means you’ll be enjoying sunshine and warmer than normal temperatures…

Friday Forecast

Chris’ Friday Afternoon Forecast

High pressure has returned and it is going to have a pretty good grip on our weather for the weekend.   Temperatures Friday afternoon are al…

thursday afternoon

Chris’ Thursday Afternoon Forecast

Our storm system has moved out and the sunshine is back as high pressure builds again.    This area of high pressure will hang out with us o…


Kristen’s Thursday Morning Forecast

Wednesday’s storm system continues to push south (circling over northern Mexico as of early Thursday morning) leaving behind mostly clear sk…