Photos: Louisiana Movie Theater Shooting

According to the Associated Press, an official with an ambulance service in the city of Lafayette, Louisiana, says that a shooting at a movi…

U.S> women's national soccer team Espy award

Photos: 2015 ESPY Awards

The 2015 ESPY Awards were marked by touching moments, including Caitlyn Jenner’s speech on transgender acceptance. But Ronda Rousey’s red-ca…

Pluto Flyby

Photos: New Horizons’ mission to Pluto

By NASA’s calculations, we’ve made it to Pluto. The moment of closest approach for the New Horizons spacecraft came at 7:49 EDT this morning…

Sandia Man Cave Cleanup

Photos: Sandia Man Cave Cleanup

The Sandia Man Cave near Albuquerque, which bears petroglyphs and evidence of mammoths, has recently turned into a tagger’s paradise.