Building Collapses into Hole

Photos: Building Collapses into Hole

A building collapsed into a depression in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. No one was hurt. The depression is believed to have been caused …

Willow Shields

Dancing with the Stars Celebrity Cast

Dancing with the Stars has announced its new celebrity cast members and it includes Albuquerque native, Willow Shields. One additional perso…

Educators from around New Mexico turned out by the hundreds to voice our opinions about the legislation concerning education that is currently being heard by the Senate. Third grade retention and Hanna Skandera are NOT the way forward for this state. William Wadsworth/Santa Fe Roundhouse/February 16, 2015

ReportIt! Photos week of February 16

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In this Monday, Feb. 9, photo, Matt and Annie Waters hold each other in their home in Alexandria, Va. Matt protested when his roommate wanted to check out the Saturday night pickup scene at a nearby bar: "We were both Christians, and I said 'This is a waste of time. None of these girls will be in church tomorrow.'" But he was drawn to Annie, a 21-year-old visiting Washington, D.C., for an internship, who sat demurely sipping lemonade. Matt tried an intentionally goofy line: "How about you and me play a round of putt-putt golf?" She found him nerdy but harmless, and gave her number. The next morning, Annie woke early to travel alone by subway and taxi to a giant Presbyterian church in Maryland, on a quest for a lively congregation that also suited her deep faith. She was astonished and a bit embarrassed to bump into one of the guys from the suburban Virginia bar - Matt's roommate. Matt soon appeared and tried a new line suitable to the setting: "Are you a Calvinist?" he asked Annie, who was, in fact, a senior at the Michigan college named after John Calvin. "He said, 'Baby, it's all about predestination!'" she recalls. "He was really cocky. The confidence was appealing." Matt and Annie Waters, now 47 and 38, live in Alexandria, Va., with their five children. They say it was meant to be. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Photos: How We Met

Seven couples from around the country share their loves stories.

Nice morning flight through the canyon looking at the Sandias. Sei/Canyon/February 13, 2015

ReportIt! Photos week of February 9, 2015

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Slides from The Beach water park.

Photos: Santa Rosa ‘Water Park’

Nine years ago the city of Santa Rosa bought slides and equipment from the shuttered Beach water park in ABQ for nearly $200,000. Today thos…

Lisbon Island, Portugal

Powerball Jackpot: $500 Million Dreams

Powerball is heading toward one of its biggest jackpots in history. We thought we’d do some dreaming. So, what could you buy with $450 milli…