Labor Day Trivia

Do you know on what day was the first Labor Day holiday celebrated? Take the Labor Day Trivia quiz here »


Zozobra Trivia

Do you know who Zozobra’s arch nemesis is? Take the Zozobra Trivia quiz and test your knowledge »

AP-Kentucky Derby Horse Racing

Trivia Quiz: Horse Racing

Do you know in what year did All American Futurity became the world’s first million-dollar horse race?

Quiz: What kind of student are you?

Take a #BrainBreak from Back to School with this quiz and find out what kind of student you are (or were). Are you the teacher’s pet? Class …

Quiz: How well can you spell?

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Rafer Johnson

Quiz: Test your Olympic knowledge

How many medals have U.S. athletes won in the Summer Games? Test your knowledge of the history of the Summer Games.

UNM football

Brain Break: Lobo Football Answer Key

1.  In what year did UNM begin playing football? A. 1892 B. 1901 C. 1905 D. 1889 2. Who wrote the UNM fight song? A. Bob Davie B. Craig Summ…

2016 Spirit Stick

Make your vote count! Vote for which school has the most spirit.