Attorney’s Statement Regarding Stolen Frankenstein Figure

A week after KRQE News 13 first reported that a large and pricey Halloween inflatable decoration was stolen, a man who works in real estate is facing charges.

The charges come a week after Spirit Halloween Store owner Chris Scott tracked his $6,000 Frankenstein inflatable to a home in Rio Rancho.

Scott had placed a GPS tracker inside the figure after his pumpkin was stolen weeks earlier. That tracker took him to an Acura belonging to Aaron Orosco and his wife, in a gated section of the Cabezon neighborhood. He then called Rio Rancho police.

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Now, Orosco has been charged with one count of possession of stolen property, and another for tampering with evidence.

An attorney for Orosco’s wife says she is embarrassed and in disbelief, and she is now divorcing her husband. Read the attorney’s full statement here >>

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