New Mexico PED to Revise Proposed Science Standards

After heated discussions, the state’s Public Education Departments says it will rewrite the controversial proposed science standards.

Many say the issue with New Mexico’s new secretary of education Christopher Ruszkowski’s  proposed changes to curriculum, were the “Stem Ready Standards” challenged evolution, ignored climate change, and questioned the age of the earth.

In a statement released Tuesday night, Secretary Christopher Ruszkowski says the final standards will be tweaked to include evolution and climate change.

Full statement below:

The New Mexico Stem-Ready Science proposal discussed this past month was built considering standards adopted in other states as well as input from New Mexicans. Many states that have adopted higher standards have made adjustments based upon input from their communities.  New Mexico is no different.

Similar to the process in other states, our goal in holding a public hearing is to ensure all those who wanted to discuss these proposed standards would be heard. We have listened to the thoughtful input received and will incorporate many of the suggestions into the New Mexico Standards.

Full Story: New Mexico PED to revise proposed science standards in response to backlash

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