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Drone inspects New Mexico river dam

Drone inspects New Mexico river dam

No one says the 100-year old Elephant Butte Reservoir Dam is in any danger. But it is the first Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) dam in America …

Dog Head Fire Day 6

Sky News 13: Dog Head Fire Day 6

Inside the story: Extended video

Sky News 13’s pilot reporter Bob Martin flew over Day 6 of Dog Head Fire on Sunday.

Delta 6 Airboat 2 - Copy

Marsh Buggies rescue Rio Grande

As the shallow waters of the Rio Grande course through central New Mexico between Socorro and Truth or Consequences, they enter a particular…

Building Rendering

New Mexico loses space balloon business

Giant balloons, carrying tourists more than 20 miles up to the edge of outer space, will not be launching from New Mexico’s Spaceport Americ…