Albuquerque Metro Area Bike Map

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Map courtesy City of Albuquerque, Bureau of Land Management

More than half (61.7%) of bicycle crashes in Bernalillo County from 2008 to 2011 occurred on roadways without bicycle infrastructure.
Mid-Region Council of Governments

Top 5 Reasons for Walking Running or Cycling

  1. 38% Of adults in the United States are obese.
  2. 60% Of US adults do not meet recommended levels of physical activity and 25% are completely sedentary.
  3. The adult sedentary lifestyle in the US is estimated to contribute to as many as 255,000 preventable deaths per year.
  4. New Mexico data shows that at least a quarter of kindergarten children, and about a third of third graders are overweight or obese.
  5. For Workers 16 and over:
  • 89.7% drive a car to their place of employment
  • 2.4% walk to work
  • 1% use public transportation
  • 0.7% ride a bike to work

Top 3 Pedestrian and Bicycle Crash Facts

  1. New Mexico had the highest motor vehicle traffic pedestrian death rate in the US in 2012 which was almost 2 times higher (1.9) than the US rate.
  2. New Mexico had the second highest pedal cycle death rate in the US in 2012 which was almost 1.5 times higher than the US rate.
  3. Almost one fourth (24%) of bicyclists killed in traffic crashes in 2012 were alcohol impaired (at or above .08 BAC)


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