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Snow, rain and cold weather continue - Snow, rain and cold weather will continue across most of New Mexico today.   The heaviest snow will be found across the Northern Mountains a…

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‘Superbug’ fungus new menace in US hospitals, mostly NY, NJ - A 'superbug' fungus is emerging as a new menace in U.S. hospitals, mostly in New York and New Jersey.
John F. Kennedy JFK diary written in post-WWII Europe sells for $718,000 - A diary kept by a young John F. Kennedy during his brief stint as a journalist after World War II in which he reflected on Hitler and the we…

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Free KRQE Weather App KRQE Weather App - KRQE FREE Weather App – Never let the weather catch you by surprise again. The trusted weather experts at KRQE News 13 deliver Albuquerque a…

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