February 1st Morning Rush: Vigil held for teen found buried near Nambe

1. There is a growing memorial outside of 13-year-old Jeremiah Valencia’s home. Wednesday night a candlelight vigil was held for him at the Nambe Community Center. Sunday, investigators found Jeremiah’s body buried alongside State Road 503 near Nambe. The boy’s mother Tracy Pena, her boyfriend, Thomas Ferguson, and his 19-year-old son Jordan Nunez, are all charged with the murder that deputies believe happened sometime in November.

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2. A state budget is headed to the Senate after it passed the House. However, Governor Martinez says it needs more work before it makes it to her desk. House lawmakers voted in favor of a $6.32 billion budget for next fiscal year. The spending plan would increase pay for teachers, top elected officials, and state workers. The governor says it leaves law enforcement and Albuquerque’s district attorney sorely underfunded and she wants the Senate to address those issues.

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3. Afternoon highs will stay mild in western and central New Mexico. A cold front passing over the Plains will drop high temperatures 15°-25° from Wednesday’s highs, leaving most in the 40s and 50s across the northeast and east-central parts of New Mexico. Unfortunately, no showers will accompany the dry front.

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4. The Albuquerque Police officer who adopted a baby from a drug-addicted couple is now helping the couple in their recovery. Officer Ryan Holets met the couple while on duty, patrolling the area where they were camping. The woman, Crystal, gave birth and Officer Holets and his wife promised to adopt the baby. They named her Hope. Officer Holets is now helping Hope’s biological parents turn their lives around by starting a GoFund me account. He hopes the money will go toward housing and healthcare once the couple gets out of rehab. So far the couple has been sober for 40 days.

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5. A little girls’ dream of going to Disney World is coming true after a big surprise at halftime during a New Mexico State University men’s basketball game. Make-A-Wish even brought out 5-year-old Kayla Maki’s favorite princesses to tell her the news. Kayla has a congenital heart defect and has already survived reconstructive heart surgery.

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