Chris’ Saturday Night Forecast

Colder air is moving back into eastern New Mexico this evening. Temperatures will fall back into the teens and twenties overnight with wind chills that will make it feel even colder. So you will need to bundle up across the Eastern Plains and don’t forget about the pets in the freezing temperatures. Another weather concern for portions of eastern New Mexico is the development of freezing fog. The fog could cause the roads to become slick by morning in spots. The low clouds will also keep temperatures stuck in the 20s and 30s for Sunday afternoon. The cold weather will linger in the east for New Year’s Day before temperatures start to warm back up for the middle and latter portion of the week.

Weather Alerts for Eastern New Mexico

The cold air is shallow so the central and western portions of New Mexico will stay unseasonably mild with only a minor drop in the temperatures.  Afternoon temperatures look to stay above seasonal averages into next weekend and the dry weather also looks to continue for the first week of 2018.  But, the second week of the New Year could feature the chance for rain and snow.  However, it is too early to get excited about and it will be something worth watching if the pattern does change!

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