December 27th Morning Rush: Cities sue Defense Department for gun-check system failures

1. A case linked to New Mexico is now the center of a major lawsuit against the feds. Three large cities are suing the Department of Defense for failing to report the names of service members disqualified from gun ownership. This comes after the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church massacre. It was discovered the shooter served at Holloman Air Force Base was convicted of domestic assault and should not have been able to purchase guns legally. However, that conviction was never reported to the national database. Now New York City, San Francisco and Philadelphia have filed a lawsuit against the department asking them to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Full Story: Cities sue Department of Defense for failing to use background check system for guns

2. The legislative session is just weeks away and a New Mexico Senator is looking for the votes needed to see if a soda tax is an answer to the state’s deficit. Democrat Jerry Ortiz y Pino will introduce a Senate joint memorial. Ortiz y Pino says soda should be taxed like all other non-food items. His memorial is not a bill like Santa Fe tried to pass so it won’t change the law. It’s just a study to see if the tax increase would be beneficial. However, if the study shows a financial benefit, a bill will be drafted and reviewed in 2019.

Full Story: New Mexico lawmaker seeks survey to consider statewide soda tax

3. After a frigid Tuesday, the northeast will slowly rebound temperatures this afternoon. The cold front has passed through the southeast, leading to a cooler day in that part of the state. Central and western New Mexico remain on the mild side. A westerly flow keeps the west and central parts of the state mild through the rest of the week, while allowing the east to quickly rebound temperatures.

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4.University of New Mexico police officers released surveillance video showing a UNM student’s car getting robbed on Christmas. The car belongs to Lobo women’s basketball player Laneah Bryan, who woke up at the Lobo Village apartments to her car broken into with thousands of dollars in presents inside gone. The video shows a suspect on a bike pull up to her car, peek in the window and break in. If you know who the suspected thief is, you are asked to call the police.

Full Story: UNM Police video shows thief steal presents from student’s car

5. The BioPark Society is looking for sponsors to help pay for the Penguin Chill exhibit coming next summer. People can pay anywhere from the $1,000 minimum to have a name engraved on a plaque, or hundreds of thousands will let someone sponsor an entire gallery which comes with cool perks. The biggest and so-called Dreamstyle-level sponsorship options for the Penguin Chill exhibit are available including the $250,000 hospitality deck that will overlook the concert area.

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