One minute of focused self-care could change lives for the better

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — One minute per hour of focused self-care could change lives for the better, and there’s a free app to help.

According to the 2014 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey of Older Adults, a whopping 87% of U.S. adults 65 or older have at least one chronic disease. Moreover, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention pegs 38% of U.S. adults as obese with the rate growing so fast that by 2030, 44% (nearly half!) of all U.S. adults are expected to be obese. The average U.S. lifestyle of bad foods, mixed with a lack of exercise, is to blame.

Body & Brain Yoga founder and New York Times Bestselling author Ilchi Lee created the One Minute Exercise method that’s the basis for the One Minute Change app as an easy means of practical self-care. The premise is simple— take a one minute break every hour from whatever you are doing and move your body in an active way. One Minute Change is a complete paradigm shift of harmoniously incorporating exercise and self-care into your daily life without having to set extra time aside.

The One Minute Change app alerts you every hour and times your exercise for one minute. You can pick a set of exercises to do from four categories: Core Strengthening, Stress Relief, Weight Management and Brain Management. Each set has a sequence of ten exercises, and you choose the hour of the day you want to start. You can also customize your own set. The exercises include high-intensity exercises like push-ups and jumping jacks, relaxing exercises like breathing and stretching and coordination exercises like “plate balancing” and “pinky-thumb.” A video for each exercise with a Body & Brain instructor guides you through it with words of encouragement. The app also tracks how many exercises in the set you completed that day.

The One Minute Change app makes it easy to make One Minute Exercise a regular part of your daily routine and to get your family and friends involved as well.

The app is free and available to everyone.

Click here to access the app. 

Anyone who downloads the app using the local link by December 30th will receive one week of free class at one of the three locations of Body & Brain Yoga/Tai Chi, NM.

Anyone who downloads the app using the local link on Tuesday, December 26, can receive the book, ‘I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years’ for free.

For more information, visit the website.