Lobo Men’s Basketball is ready for conference opener with Air Force

ALBUQUERQUE N.M. (KRQE) – Lobo Men’s Basketball will enter conference play on Wednesday with a 5-8 overall record. The Lobos are riding a two game winning streak coming into their conference opener with Air Force, which will be at 7 p.m. at DreamStyle Arena on Wednesday night.

This matchup should pose more of a challenge for Air Force, as the Lobos like to push the pace and shoot the ball, while Air Force likes to play slow and allows teams to shoot a lot of 3’s.

“I think they are 250th in the country in pace, or right around there, and we are 40 something. So, we are going to be trying to speed the game up and attack, and they will try to slow it down. Theoretically it’s a good match-up for us from the standpoint that our weakness defensively is one-on-one defense and their offense isn’t necessarily built that way,” said UNM Head Basketball Coach Paul Weir.

It is a fresh start for this team that seems to be finding out who they are on the court. The game plan has changed a little bit since the beginning as Connor MacDougal was thought to be more of a key component but he has been out with an injury. The team has battled on and Coach Weir said in his news conference on Tuesday that the game plan really hasn’t veered off track too much, as this team has meant to tire their opponents and attack in the second half, and as Weir said Tuesday, in the second half of the season as well.

“Our style of play, our conditioning, our depth is building itself for the back half of the season, and as these other teams hopefully start to fracture, and get hurt, and get tired and wear down, and we keep chipping away at what we do. Well, now hopefully in March we can have some fun,” said Coach Weir.