December 26th Morning Rush: Man accused of groping girls at Coronado Mall

1. A man with a history of inappropriate behavior involving children could soon face more charges. This is after being accused of assaulting three young girls over the weekend at the place parents probably thought was safe. Police were first called to Claire’s Accessories at Coronado Center on Saturday, where an 11-year-old said Michael Chavarria inappropriately touched her inside the store. That same day, APD says two other girls, in two separate incidents, claim Chavarria also groped them at the mall that day. At last check, Chavarria is facing two counts of criminal sexual contact of a minor.

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2. A state senator is calling on officials to study gun violence in New Mexico. When the legislative session kicks off next month, Senator Bill Soules of Las Cruces will ask for the Department of Public Safety and CYFD to collect data on gun-related deaths and injuries. That information will be given to a legislative committee, to help lawmakers determine any potential changes to state law to help curb gun violence.

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3. A cold front will work into the northeast today, deliver cooler temperatures across the northeast and east-central areas of the state.

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4. This morning, Albuquerque police are trying to find a Grinch who stole a Lobo basketball player’s presents. Laneah Bryan says someone broke into her car Christmas morning and stole most of the presents she had inside. Bryan says some presents were left behind, presumably because the thieves took only what they wanted. She believes about three or four thousand dollars worth of gifts were stolen, most of which were for her sister and niece. While she was bummed the presents are gone, she is glad nobody was hurt.
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5. Experts are warning you about a potential scam involving gift cards this holiday season. Here’s how it works: Criminals copy numbers off gift cards on public displays, scratch off the panels on the back to get the security code and put them back on the rack. Once the card is bought and activated, they drain the balance. They even use stickers that cover up scratched-off security panels. Officials say if this happens to you, ask the retailer for a replacement.

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