December 20th Morning Rush: Senate passes GOP tax bill, but House to vote again

1. The Senate passed the final version of the GOP tax reform plan. Republican Senators narrowly passed the tax reform bill on a 51 to 48 vote early Wednesday morning. The House voted in favor of it Tuesday, three changes were made after that to a provision that violates Senate rules. Wednesday the House will vote again. It’s expected to pass once again and be sent to the President’s desk. Despite the passing vote, Democrats are still crying foul and arguing the bill will hurt the middle class.

Full Story: Senate narrowly passes GOP tax reform bill, heading back to House Wednesday

2. The intern who claims she was fired by Michelle Lujan Grisham for being transgender is claiming the congresswoman is circulating a fake letter. The letter supposedly written by Riley del Rey is apologizing for her unprofessional behavior in the congresswoman’s office. Del Rey says she never wrote that letter and is now filing a new ethics complaint against Lujan Grisham. Also, the gubernatorial candidate who’s seeking an investigation into Lujan Grisham is now facing allegations of sexual misconduct. Candidate Jeff Apodaca says the allegations are false.

Full Story: Transgender intern: Rep. Lujan Grisham sent ‘fake’ letter

3. After a cold start, temperatures will warm to above average by the afternoon with mostly sunny skies.

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4. Scammers are reportedly using UNM Hospital’s former nurse advice line to try and take your money. The line was disconnected a year ago, but hospital staff recently learned scammers bought the number and are impersonating hospital employees. One person says the scammers promised him a $200 gift card in exchange for credit card information for shipping costs.

Full Story: UNM Hospital warns about scammers impersonating nurses on disconnected helpline

5. A woman is reunited with her beloved dog after she was stolen right in front of her.  Andrea Colbert, was walking her Pomeranian “Red” in the South Valley when someone in a black car scooped up the dog and drove off. After our story aired a man called us saying he had the dog, and wanted to get him back to the rightful owner. The man says he spotted the dog running loose around a gas station.

Full Story: Woman’s dog found safe after being stolen right in front of her

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