The homeless community gets help caring for their beloved pets through “Operation Street Dogs” and they need your help

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The homeless community gets some much-needed help in caring for their beloved pets through the Operation Street Dogs program and they need your help.

Homeless rates are increasing across the Nation…and for many, their only family is a treasured pet.  The problem is, in most cases, those pets are not welcome in homeless shelters.  Unwilling to abandon their companion, many homeless people are left out in the cold…searching for food and warmth — not only for themselves…but for their dogs.

However, one local Animal Welfare Officer is out to change that…and she created a program to address it, right here at home.

Animal Welfare Department Officer Kathryn Waite came up with the idea for Operation Street Dogs after seeing pets living on the streets with their owners, with little or no resources. Working with APD and other homeless outreach programs, Officer Waite is now in her 5th year of providing a number of free services to that community.  Those free services include spaying and neutering, vaccinations, micro-chipping and licensing along with food, blankets, jackets and more.  She also hopes to provide basic medical care for the animals in the future, along with transportation to shelters for treatment.

Officer Waite and Andrew Johnson – along with Johnson’s adorable dog, Ginger – stopped by the KRQE studio to share their inspirational experience with viewers, and to request donations for the program.

If you’d like to help pets of the homeless, the Animal Welfare Department is taking donations. Members of the public can drop off their donations at either the Eastside or Westside Animal Welfare shelters.  Also, interested donors can call #311 and ask for Corporal Waite, or Operation Street Dogs.


  • food
  • blankets
  • sweaters
  • jackets
  • collars
  • leashes

For more information, visit the Operation Street Dogs website.