Debate gets heated between run-off mayoral candidates

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Just days away from electing a new mayor, KRQE News 13 sat down with candidates City Councilor Dan Lewis and State Auditor Tim Keller in the final debate for the run-off election.

The two answered questions face-to-face and took the gloves off.

“This is what politicians say and do, you talk out of both sides of your mouth,” Lewis said to Keller.

“Dan, it’s okay to disagree, you can’t just lie and make stuff up,” Keller said to Lewis later in the debate.

Arguing aside, it was no surprise that crime was a big talker of the night. Each outlined their plan to tackle the growing problem.

Lewis wants to fight crime by reforming the local justice system.

“We’re going to hold ‘catch and release’ judges accountable. It’s not about pointing the finger at judges, it’s about being curious. It’s about asking good questions that expose a broken criminal court system,” said Lewis.

Keller said he plans to reform the Albuquerque Police Department with community policing and refocusing spending.

“We have to finish the massive DOJ reforms and then get them out of here and take back our police department. We can use the $10 million that we are using on lawyers and advisers to actually fund frontline officers,” said Keller.

The two also talked about general city spending, taxes and more.

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