November 10th Morning Rush: 3 Santa Fe High students arrested after school shooting scare

1. There will be security at Santa Fe High School Friday morning after three students were arrested and accused of planning a mass shooting at their school. Police say the threats were found in a letter that another student found on campus Tuesday. Authorities say the letter targeted several students and two teachers. Police said one student confessed to writing the letter, another added names to the list and the final student admitted to knowing about it. All three students say this was a “joke,” but officials are taking this very seriously. All three students are facing charges.

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2. A well-known New Mexico coach is under fire after he is accused of inappropriately touching his female volleyball players. Antonio Regalado, a coach in Dexter, New Mexico, was arrested by state police on Wednesday. A police report states he a 17-year-old volleyball player told police the coach touched her private parts over clothes on a bus last year. Now other players are coming forward telling police Regalado also slapped them on the butt.

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3. A blanket of fog is reducing visibility across portions of eastern New Mexico Friday morning but eventually set to mix out by this afternoon.

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4. Friday is Albuquerque voters final chance to vote early in this year’s runoff election. In the mayoral race, State Auditor Tim Keller is facing City Councilor Dan Lewis. Cynthia Borrego and Robert Aragon are also vying for the District 5 City Council seat. There are 12 early voting locations open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday night KRQE News 13 will hold the last mayoral debate and you can record and submit your questions to KRQE Report It.

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5. Three toys are heading to the toy hall of fame. The Whiffle Ball, paper airplane, and the board game Clue are all being inducted to the class of 2017. In order to be inducted the toys must have inspired creative play across generations. All three beat out popular playthings like Risk, Magic 8 Ball, play sand, and My Little Pony.

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