Nothing says Fall like a gargantuan caramel apple

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Why have a regular caramel apple when ChoGlitz & Cream offers a candy-bedazzled one!

ChocGlitz & Cream opened in July of 2014 and has since been thrilling patrons with caramel apples that are unrivaled in quality, size, and creativity. People are even invited to make their own, with a seemingly endless variety of toppings to choose from. In addition, they offer high-quality fair-trade chocolates and ice cream made in-house.
They strive to serve the broader community by selling chocolate that is certified Fair Trade. This ensures that cocoa farmers are paid a fair price for their crop and there is no exploitation of labor (forced child labor or slave labor) in the production process.

In studio, anchors enjoyed creating delicious examples of the fun caramel apples ChoGlitz & Cream is known for.

For more information, visit the ChoGlitz & Cream website.