Kristen’s Tuesday Morning Forecast

Temps down 5°-15° Tuesday afternoon....

TUESDAY: A cool and breezy start to the day with morning temperatures in the 40s and east winds still cranking between 20-25mph in the Albuquerque-metro. The entire state is waking up to clear conditions with temperatures down to the 30s, 40s and 50s. Monday’s backdoor front will clear the state today, leaving behind a much cooler afternoon across New Mexico. Expect high temperatures to be anywhere from 5°-15° cooler than how we started the week (mostly 60s & 70s Tuesday afternoon). No rain or snow expected within statelines.

MIDWEEK: A quick warming trend will get underway with afternoon highs climbing above average (60s, 70s and 80s) statewide. High pressure remains in control with sunshine blanketing the area.

THURSDAY: An incoming cold front will begin to make its way into New Mexico… kicking up the winds and dropping temps as it passes. We’ll squeeze in one more afternoon in the low 70s in the ABQ-metro area before temps plummet on Friday.