Local crew traveling to Puerto Rico to help with relief efforts

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A local group of former and current military members will be traveling to Puerto Rico soon to help in relief efforts.

Blake Ezuela has been working to map out a plan. “They’re people and they’re American people as well. We’re soldiers, ex and current and it’s time to help those people,” Ezuela said.

The group is taking items like backpacks, first aid kits and water filters.

Ezuela has family in Puerto Rico. He say his loved ones will help the group with getting around the island by truck and foot.

“We’re using geo-taging, we’re paying attention to every news story when they air and we’re basically pinning it.”

He says he wants to make sure those on the island aren’t left behind.

“I have several family members that are out there two are accounted for one is trapped without any food, water or fuel. These people need help regardless if it’s my family or not.”

If you are interested in helping their cause, click here.