Ray Borg is ready to take out Demetrious Johnson on October 7

ALBUQUERQUE N.M. (KRQE) – Jackson Wink trained Ray Borg is set to make history and take out one of the sport’s best ever in Demetrious Johnson. Johnson vs Borg is the co-main event of UFC 216 which will be on October 7. Borg currently holds an 11-2 professional record in the octagon, and he says that he seriously has been waiting for this opportunity for his entire life.

“People say, oh I have been training my whole life for this and things like that. I have literally been training my whole life. I have been in the fight game since I was 13, and when I say the fight game I was in the fight game. Not beginner ju jitsu classes, not beginner kickboxing classes, I got my career started in Tucumcari, New Mexico and I got fed to the wolves. So, I have been in this game and going into this fight, it is literally a life worth of work,” said Ray Borg.

Demetrious Johnson is considered as one of the pound for pound best fighters ever in the UFC. He is currently looking to take out Borg to mark his 11th title defense, which would be a new record passing Anderson Silva’s 10.

“I am sure he is overlooking me, I am sure he is taking me lightly, but that is OK. My whole career is based off of you guys just don’t know who Ray Borg is,” said Borg.

Borg says that Johnson has way more pressure coming into this fight than him, and that he is going to go into this fight with a cool head. Ray believes that he has the skills to put Demetrious down.

“People think that DJ is invincible, but he is not. He is a human just like anyone else, he has tendencies, he has bad habits, and me and my team look to exploit those holes,” said Borg.

Ray Borg obviously has a lot of confidence coming into this fight and a big reason for that is the extra time he has had in camp. This bout was supposed to take place in early September, but Borg was sidelined due to a viral infection.

“You know things happen for a reason and I think that these extra three weeks are bad for DJ and good for me,” said Borg.

“He is looking better now than he did then. I think just getting a little bit more work in, has a little bit more polished, and certainly recovering from that illness was a big positive,” said Coach Greg Jackson.