September 25th Morning Rush: Trial expected for teen accused of shooting Manzano High School student

1. The trial for a teen facing first-degree murder charges in the death of Manzano High School student Jaydon Chavez-Silver is expected to begin. Police say Esias Madrid is one of the teens suspected of shooting at the home where Chavez-Silver was hanging out with friends. In January Madrid took a plea deal in another case where he killed a man over a game of beer pong in the South Valley. A judge gave him a 16-year prison sentence. His trial for Chavez-Silver’s death is set to begin at 9 a.m.

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2. There are many people talking about NFL players and President Trump after members of every pro football team participated in some sort of protest during the National Anthem on Sunday. For the first time many owners and coaches joined players in kneeling, sitting, or locking arms. This follows President Trump’s speech on Friday where he suggested that if a player refuses to stand during the anthem, an owner should “get that SOB off the field.” President Trump also suggested that fans should consider boycotting games.

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3. Storms and showers will continue to favor eastern New Mexico to start the week. Scattered storms packing heavy rain, gusty winds & lightning are expected to favor areas near the eastern stateline.

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4. A newly released report on crime at the University of New Mexico shows burglaries at the school are down, but auto thefts are on the rise. Last year more than 140 vehicles were stolen or attempted stolen on campus. The year before that number was around 90. Dating violence incidents referring to more casual, shorter-term relationships more than quadrupled. The number of sexual assaults reported in 2015 to last year remained the same at 14.

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5. A unique World War II-era steam locomotive is nearing a full restoration thanks to a project nearly two decades in the making. The Santa Fe 2926 once traveled through Albuquerque and was housed in Coronado Park. If all goes as planned the train will begin carrying 400 to 500 passengers on excursions from Albuquerque next year.

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