Austin Trout feels his experience will help him win on October 14th

ALBUQUERQUE N.M. (KRQE)- New Mexico’s own “No Doubt” Austin Trout was in Albuquerque on Sunday talking with the local media about his upcoming fight with Jarrett Hurd on October 14th.

The bout will be in Brooklyn, New York, at the Barclays Center and will be for the IBF World Super Welterweight Title.

Trout said that at 32 years old, he feels stronger than ever. He has been training in Las Cruces for this entire camp and says that he likes training at home. Trout comes into this fight with Hurd 5 years older and 4 inches shorter, but Trout has the experience.

Trout has more than double the amount of world title fights than Hurd, and he believes that experience and the experience from his last loss with Jermal Charlo, he will come out on top.

“I think it is going to play a big part definitely because he hasn’t gone past 10 rounds I don’t think. This is going to be uncharted territory for him and then most importantly he has never fought anyone like me. I just fought somebody like him and he might have been bigger and better in my opinion. So, yeah I think that is weighing easy on my head”, said Austin Trout.

Trout also commented on his opponent saying “We have definitely been training to catch a trout.” Austin had a solid rebuttal to Hurds claims saying, “I think that he thinks that he is real clever with that allegory, as if I have never heard trout jokes my whole life you know. Well you know he has to catch me first, and trout’s are one of the smartest fish in the game. So, that just goes to speak for itself. He also said there is a storm coming and all I kept thinking was all trout’s think about when storms are coming that it’s time to eat. You know I will weather that storm, but I am going to take him to the deep water and see if he can swim with the trout’s, swim with the fishes right.”

Trout vs Hurd will be going on live on Showtime on October 14th.