September 22nd Morning Rush: Girl found dead in Texas, investigators say could be from New Mexico

1. Detectives are asking for your help in solving a horrible crime after a little girl was found dead in Texas. Investigators also believe she may be from New Mexico. In September of last year investigators in Madisonville Texas, just north of Houston, say two farmers found the little girl in this suitcase. Investigators also found a feeding tube, likely for a health condition and pollen that is found in ragweed in New Mexico and Arizona. The center for missing and endangered children released this composite sketch of what the girl may have looked like as well as this map of the region she may have been from.

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2. Rescue efforts in Mexico continue as the death toll climbs to 280. There are nearly 2,000 people who are recovering from injuries from this week’s massive 7.1 magnitude earthquake. At least 60 new survivors are recovering after being pulled from collapsed buildings. Rescue crews, along with rescue k-9 units will be back out Friday combing through the rubble. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto says there are still at least 10 damaged buildings where there may be survivors and they will be searched.

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3. A trough of low pressure to our west will continue to pull up moisture over the state, helping to fire off scattered storms over eastern New Mexico Friday afternoon and into the evening.

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4. A bake sale put on by a group of students at the University of New Mexico is getting a lot of attention after it charged students based on their race. Conservative national organization “Turning Point USA” put on the sale. They say they wanted to draw a parallel between the bake sale and how having different standards for minorities out in the real world is as ridiculous as having minorities pay different prices for muffins.

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5. Some New Mexico firefighters are waking up in different areas across the west to help those states devastated by recent wildfires. An additional 100 State Forestry personnel are heading to California, Colorado, Montana and Washington state to help out. While New Mexico fire season has been tame, other states are experiencing the worst fire season on record with more than 2 million acres burned.

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