AP Analysis: 7 Albuquerque officers earned $124K or more

(KRQE/File Photo) - APD police downtown headquarters

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Records show seven Albuquerque beat police officers were among the city’s top 25 salary earners last year and made more than the mayor thanks to overtime.

An analysis by The Associated Press of the city of Albuquerque’s top earners found that seven police officers took in at least $124,000 in 2016. Mayor Richard Berry earned $104,000.

Officers Ramiro Garza was the city’s seventh top earner, taking home nearly $147,000 in salary and overtime. Records show he was followed by Officer Brian Johnson who earned $145,100 last year.

Former Albuquerque Public Safety Director Pete Dinelli says the salaries show that certain officers know how to manipulate the system to gain overtime.

But Albuquerque Police Officers Association President Shaun Willoughby says the figures highlight that the department is understaffed amid rising crime.