911 calls released from deadly Clovis Library shooting

Clovis Carver Public Library

CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) – We’re hearing the moments people dialed 911, pleading for help as a gunman stormed the Clovis Public Library in late August.

A warning, some people may find the audio difficult to listen to.

Police have released the audio of the calls, which paint a frantic picture of what unfolded late last month when 16-year-old Nathaniel Jouette is accused of gunning down two women and injuring four others.

“Clovis 911, where’s your emergency?” a 911 dispatcher said as he answered calls. The caller breathing heavily and in a panic, “911? There is a shooting at the Clovis Library,” the caller said.

“Okay. Do you know if anyone has been hit?” the dispatcher said. “Yeah I am pretty sure one person went down and shot,” the caller replied.

The calls came pouring in, one after the other, at least 11 of them.

“We have at least two people” another caller told 911. “Two people have been hit?” the dispatcher asked. “Yes.” The caller replied.

People were dialing 911, panicking as police later said Jouette went on a shooting rampage inside the Clovis Public Library.

Jouette is accused of killing library employees Wanda Walters and Kristina Carter and injuring four others.

Witnesses described him over the phone.

“Is the person still in the library?” the dispatcher asked. “Yes they are,” replied the caller. The dispatcher asked another question about the shooter, “what are they wearing?”

“Black shirt and black…black hat,” the caller said.

Some ran for their lives and got out of the library as quickly as possible. One woman called from the public defender’s office across the street.

“We have two eye witnesses here who saw what they look like,” another caller said who claimed to be an employee at the Public Defender’s Office,” the caller said.

“You have two eye witnesses at the public defender’s office? We will let somebody know as soon as we can, okay? Keep them there. Do not let them leave,” the dispatcher said.

Others hid inside, like one library employee, staying with her coworker who was hit in her shoulder.

“I am at the library. I am with one of my coworkers that was shot. I just want to let you know where we are at. I see all the police officers out there clearing the building.”

She was pleading for help.

“She is bleeding,” the library employee said about her coworker who was shot. The 911 dispatcher gave the caller instructions, “Put pressure on that wound, okay?” he then said, “Someone will be out there to you, okay?”

Jouette later told police he wanted to hurt himself or others. Police said Jouette told them there was no reason why he chose the library and that he did not know anyone who worked there.

He has been indicted for the murders, as well as other crimes from that day and is expected to be tried as an adult.