September 13th Morning Rush: Early voting locations open for Albuquerque elections

1. Early voting locations open for the Albuquerque municipal election Wednesday. This year voters will elect a new mayor and five city council seats are also up for grabs. There are 12 early voting locations throughout the city. All of them are open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Full Story: Early voting begins Wednesday for Albuquerque elections

2. There are new allegations against an Albuquerque school board member and the District Attorney will decide if former Executive Director Analee Maestas and her daughter will face charges. A report from the State Auditor says Maestas and her daughter, the assistant business manager stole nearly half a million dollars while running La Promesa Early Learning Center. Tim Keller says Julieanne Maestas was signing checks made out to vendors then pocketing the school’s money. Last year, Analee Maestas sparked an investigation after she was accused of using school money to pay for carpet cleaning at her home.

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3. There will be a leaner crop of showers and storms Wednesday afternoon, with the best storm chance focused over the northern and western high terrain.

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4. The Archbishop of Santa Fe plans to soon release the assignments of clergy members who are either accused of or found guilty of sexually abusing children. Archbishop John Wester put out a list of the names of the 74 priests, deacons and brothers who worked within the Archdiocese of Santa Fe along with an apology. He says “we must practice openness and transparency whenever possible.” Some of the civil and criminal cases dating back to the 90’s.

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5. A local family’s idea to help recent hurricane victims is getting a lot of attention. Jordan, Ethan and Noah are trying to raise $200 through an online lemonade stand. For a $2 donation, they will send you a hand written thank you letter and a packet for one cup of lemonade. The boys say all donations will go directly to the Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief funds.

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