From gemstones to volcanoes New Mexico is packed with geological treasures

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. –Whether it’s gemstones, meteorites or fossils this local geology hot spot Mama’s Minerals has got it covered.

Mama’s Minerals started selling crystal gemstones and geodes at arts and crafts fairs around the Southwest in 1985.

Mama’s Minerals prides itself on its knowledgeable customer service, honed over more than two decades in the rocks and minerals business. Visitors and students are treated to a universe of interesting and beautiful mineral treasures and other products – authentic fossils, natural minerals, metal detectors and prospecting supplies, metaphysical supplies and beads.

Mama’s Minerals believes that changing the world for the better begins with individual actions. The store supports education by offering free rock, mineral, and fossil classes to area students, and is very active in recycling.

For more information on geodes, gems, fossils and more…visit their website.