September 12th Morning Rush: Albuquerque Mayoral Election 3 weeks away

1. We are exactly three weeks away from the Albuquerque Mayoral Election. Monday night’s first televised debate helped put on by KRQE News 13 put the candidates on center stage. The city’s crime problem dominated where some candidates pointed out our understaffed police department. The economy was also a big talker, one candidate says an educated workforce is needed for our businesses. Another candidate brought up legalizing marijuana to open up an immediate job market.

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2. A nice start to the day with mostly sunny conditions and morning temperatures in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Expect high temperatures to climb well into the 70s, 80s and 90s – majority of us a few degrees above average for this time of year.

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3. Irma the once massive storm has lost its tropical depression status. Still, more than 60 percent of Florida is waking up without power. At the peak of the outage around 13 million customers were without electricity. The death toll is up to six in the U.S. Flash floods and downed trees are just some of the damage caused by the wrath of Irma. Local Red Cross officials say five New Mexico volunteers are in Florida and more are leaving this week.

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4. These three men are behind bars and accused of a bizarre crime. Police say they are connected to a family’s stolen U-Haul that was carrying their loved one’s body. The U-Haul was taken from the parking lot of the Residence Inn near the Sunport, where the family stopped for the night as they traveled from Oklahoma to San Juan County. About four hours later police found the trailer abandoned up the street with the casket still inside.

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5. This morning we have a new green chile cheeseburger champion. Sparky’s in Hatch has taken the title from Laguna Burger, who won last year. They didn’t compete Monday but Fuddruckers, which has won a few times in the past did and took second place. Oak Tree Café of Albuquerque was third.

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