Local foster families are saving thousands of at-risk shelter pets

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – A local, dedicated and very effective Foster Care program  — for the most vulnerable of shelter pets, infant and injured cats and dogs — is thriving in Albuquerque.

Animal Humane New Mexico’s Foster Care program blends the skill and knowledge of their expert Team members with the dedication and talent of over 170 volunteer Foster Families. The result couldn’t be more life-changing: over 1,100 of the shelter’s most at-risk pets were lovingly cared for in Fiscal Year 2016, and are now thriving in homes of their own. This group includes pets recovering from surgery, bottle babies and unwell cats and dogs who needed special care before they could be adopted.

Supplies such as wee-wee pads, bottles, money to cover medical costs are always needed. Fosters never assume any of the financial burdens of fostering, Animal Humane New Mexico covers all expenses through donations they receive.

To learn more about the Foster program, to donate, or to volunteer, visit the Animal Humane NM website.