Fans pack Dreamstyle Stadium for major rivalry game

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The biggest rivalry game in the state of New Mexico went down to the wire Saturday night as fans anxiously held out hope for their team to win.

It was a day many fans won’t forget, as both Lobos and Aggies packed Dreamstyle Stadium and the parking lots around it.

Whether you bleed red or crimson, when these teams meet it’s about more than just football. It’s about an age-old rivalry.

It all began in the parking lots by Dreamstyle Stadium, where fans took up nearly every inch of asphalt Saturday afternoon into the night.

“It’s a blast. Even though we had to get here six hours before the game started,” said Aggie fan Tammy Evans.

The line for tickets stretched the length of an end zone and was worth it for Aggie fans who made the trip from Las Cruces.

“The last couple days have been great. We’ve all been living up to this moment. We’re having a good time and we’re going to have a good time,” said Aggie fan Josue Cardoza.

No matter if you cheer for the team to the North, or the team from the South – it’s a rivalry that has deep roots in the Land of Enchantment.

“Here you draw allegiance to either school because of region-ality or even because of a little family history,” said Lobo fan Rocky Victor.

It’s also a rivalry that stays on the field and leaves a sense of state pride with fans on both sides.

“We’re a rivalry, but we’re all New Mexicans. We all live in the same state. We all have a great time. No matter what it is we all support each other and we have fun,” said Cardoza.

For the second year in a row, New Mexico State beat UNM 30-28. Last year, the game difference was just one point.