Albuquerque High football has a women’s touch

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – With four boys of her own playing football, A.J. Monsivias got the urge to coach the game in 1999. At the time she was living in El Paso and started with youth football.

“I just kind of jumped in and up from there you know small little sets and then I just sprung out to the majors and semi pro. It’s just fun you know. It bites you,” said Monsivias.

Her love for the game is very obvious when she talks football.

“It’s extremely satisfying,” said Monsivias. “I mean it’s like an energy drink.”

After her family relocated to Albuquerque, Monsivias found herself coaching the game on the high school level. She was an assistant at West Mesa last year.

This year, Monsivias is an assistant at Albuquerque High, helping with the varsity and mostly in charge of the ninth grade linemen on both sides of the football.

“I’m very animated,” said Monsivias. “I am all over the place so you know they can here me yell, screaming and talking to them you know. Get down, get low, slide, move over, pay attention, look at your gap.”

Players like learning from Monsivias.

“To me women know how to get their point across more than some guys,” said freshman lineman Carlos Lovato.

“Her football IQ is more than anything so when she talks to me I can get the point where she is coming from too.”

Monsivias wouldn’t mind coaching college football and beyond one day. She said as long as she is learning she is game.