Family Evacuates to Arkansas from Texas Coast

PINE BLUFF, Ark. (KARK) – Central Arkansas is being viewed as a safe haven for some of the thousands of people escaping the threat of Hurricane Harvey.

Tyler and Brandi Akines just moved to Ingleside, Texas, a town about 15 miles west of Rockport and a few minutes from the beach.

Family was supposed to go visit them this weekend, but instead the roles reversed as they find shelter with them in Pine Bluff.

“We don’t know if we’re coming back to a home, or what’s happening,” Brandi Akines said.

“Texas never really gets the bad part, everyone’s like we haven’t had a hurricane or anything bad in like 10 years. So we were thinking OK, no problem, and then this happens,” she said.

The family of three was evacuated from Ingleside Friday.

Now, only Facebook pictures from nearby towns are what they have to gage the damage.

“Just a few pictures we’ve seen down there that they have going on with the police department, it’s pretty much totaled,” Brandi said.

Fortunately, the couple still has family in Pine Bluff and was able to pack up and make the 13-hour, normally 10-hour drive to Arkansas.

“It wasn’t a question about evacuating when you have a kid, you know you just get out and do what you gotta do.”

They’re grateful to have a safe place here in Arkansas.

“It’s kind of bittersweet, I mean it’s nice to be back, get to see our family and all that, but I really wish it could have

been under better circumstances,” Tyler said.

The family plans to head back to the coast next week, despite not knowing what they may be going back to.

“We’re kind of going in blind hoping everything’s going to be OK.”