Silver Star Nation: Babe Laufenberg breaks down Joe Looney's antics

Football is a difficult sport. It is demanding and it is physical. You've gotta like the taste of blood and you find out very quickly that 50 percent of the time it's going to be your own. So if you can bring a little levity to the drudgery that is training camp practice, by all means do it.

Center joe looney looks like an offensive lineman.  But on tuesday, Looney was wearing the cut-off jersey of running back Ezekiel Elliott. Now the crowd didn't even know it wasn't Zeke. Elliot hasn't talked to the media since training camp began but Looney did say he knows he does not exactly have the six-pack abs

"It was definitely a surprise to see them screeming the name with the belly hanging out and it was all fun and games.  Zeke's a scholar," said Looney

"I couldn't believe that people actually thought that was Zeke.  They have very different body types. I think that was actually the funniest part, that people actually believed it for maybe just a split second," said offensive guard Travis Frederick.

"Yeah, we talked about the proportion of impersonations.  How it has to coincide with how much practice time you have so I told him if you come out like that you better practice," said head coach Jason Garrett.

"Everybody loves to have a good time you know like I said, at the end of the day football is a great game a great sport so you gotta have fun doing it," said Looney.

Looney cracked his wisdom tooth at practice in Oxnard, California, finished the practice, then had the tooth pulled the next day. He was asked him if he had all four wisdom teeth pulled and he said "No I like to eat too much."

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