Community, police officer help boy get new bike

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Lynea Jauriqui walked out of her South Valley house on Friday to a peculiar sight: a boy riding a bike without any tires.

“I just stopped and asked him, ‘do you want me to try to get you a bike?’” Jauriqui recalled.

The boy’s family asked us not to say his name, but the young man eagerly told Jauriqui he’d love a new set of wheels.

“I like to help kids around my neighborhood,” Jauriqui said.

She was then a woman on a mission. Jauriqui took to Facebook, but it was during a simple trip to a gas station where she found the most help.

“I was going to the gas station and I saw the police officer there that patrols it and I thought hey, why not ask him?,” Jauriqui said.

“So I told her I would check into it and I thought I had a bike at home and asked my wife and she had sold the bike so we put out on Facebook,” Officer Charles Breeden with APD told KRQE News 13.

Officer Breeden, with APD’s mounted patrol, also used social media, reaching out to family and friends.

He asked if anyone had an extra bike and even clothes for the boy.

“We came up with two bikes. I ended up putting some new tires on these bikes and taken them down,” Officer Breeden said.

Jauriqui and Officer Breeden said this is a prime example of a community working together helping each other out.

“Hopefully he will always remember that and later on he’ll turn around and do the same thing when he’s older. He’ll be able to make a difference in someone’s life,” Officer Breeden said.

Three formerly strangers now share a bond.

“You can see it on his face, it brightened his day,” Officer Breeden said when he was describing the look on the boy’s face when he got the bike.

“It always will make you feel good but that wasn’t my sole purpose of me doing that, it was more for him. It was to make a difference in his life,” Officer Breeden said.

Although the boy’s family didn’t want to go on camera with KRQE News 13, the boy did say he loves his new bike and that now he’s able to keep up with his friends.

We’re also told other neighbors also took the boy to get a haircut and school supplies before classes begin tomorrow.