Rio Rancho teacher hopes to inspire students through cinematography

RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – In an age where many kids are glued to their cell phones and tablets, a Rio Rancho teacher is hoping to expand her students’ minds with a different piece of technology.

“I think this is just another way, another avenue for kids to show they’re learning,” said Stephanie Estes.

Estes is a third grade teacher at Cielo Azul Elementary in Rio Rancho, and clearly a very passionate one.

“I want to include some more technology into our school system and into our curriculum,” she said.

Her plan is big.

“I’m looking to get some donations for a video camera, because I think a video camera is a very under used technology that kids can have,” she said.

Estes says nowadays, students associate technology with cell phones and tablets. She hopes a more simple, one function, video camera will help them think outside the box.

“That may spark an interest in video and film that you don’t know because we don’t have that ability to do,” she said.

With the recent budget cuts to schools across the state, Estes says providing classroom material outside the classic list has been a challenge.

That’s why she’s asking for donations, hoping to have the camera in time for this school year and to get her incoming class excited.

“It opens up so many doors to writing scripts, editing,” said Estes. “They could do green screen, and learn how to put pictures on back,” she continued.

Estes says many of the students at Cielo Azul come from difficult circumstances. She wants something that gets them eager to come to school each day.

“I don’t want to always be the teacher that has the paper, pencils, and all that stuff. I want to bring in change and I want to see what they do with it,” she said.