August 10th Morning Rush: APS completes seven projects before school year

1. With just days until the first day of class for APS students, many will be walking into completely brand new or newly-renovated buildings. APS has completed seven projects over the course of several years, three of which rebuilt elementary schools like Mountain View. They were paid for through the Capital Master Plan Process and a list of prioritized projects was approved by tax payers. More renovations are underway at other schools. APS says new energy efficient makeovers will save the district an estimated 25-to-35 percent on its electric and gas bill in the long run.

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2. As the war of words between the US and North Korea continue, US Allies are starting to weigh in on the tension between the two nations. The latest to weigh in, South Korea, warned overnight that the North will face a “stern and strong” military response if it acts on its threats. Thursday morning Hawaii is working on reinstating their attack warning system, in case of a nuclear attack. This despite, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson insisting there is no “imminent threat” from North Korea.

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3. Moisture will start to boost back up today across the state as a whole. While not everyone will see showers, expect better coverage across the northeast and high terrain, including the Gila area.

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4. New numbers show more bad news for the lottery scholarship program. State lottery officials say this year there’s close to $10 million less for students to use. Officials say jackpots are way down. They also point to legislation passed in 2007, which requires a 30-percent return on every dollar spent, saying that’s cut down on the number of prizes and amount of money available to win.

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5. We are just 29 days away from this year’s New Mexico State Fair. Starting Thursday, through September 8 you can purchase mega passes at local Walgreens stores. The mega pass includes carnival wrist bands for the midway and free gate admission.

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